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What is a VPS and why you should have one?

Regards VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is also sometimes referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server.

It can be defined as a hosting environment that combines the benefits of shared and dedicated hosting, this is done when a server is taken and divided into small independent servers, in which each of these in turn are divided into smaller , which runs on its own operating system and private and secluded environment, but sharing the same hardware.

Having a VPS offers the following benefits:

• Isolation – Each private server has its own unique file system and ensures a fraction of server disk space, CPU power, bandwidth and memory. Therefore, a website hosted on a VPS runs on an isolated environment where performance is unaffected by other websites.

• This server allows customization, and you get to install your own software to manage, as you would on a dedicated server.

• The VPS is somewhat cheaper. You get features like dedicated servers but at a much lower cost (in most cases 50% less) to a dedicated hosting plan.

When a VPS is the correct option?

  • When your web site has outgrown its shared hosting plan and can not / want to pay the price of a dedicated server, VPS is your answer.
  • If you need special settings on your server, and install some custom libraries or access to databases, a VPS is undoubtedly the best solution, because you can configure the server to your liking.
  • If you need more security, since in a VPS has full control of running processes, and these processes are not shared with other users. You can also, if needed, you manage your own firewall.
  • When you need perfomace, since in a VPS have allocated fixed resources, a certain amount of memory, disk space, CPU and what do other users with whom you share the server does not affect the development of the VPS.
  • When you need more flexibility! Want to start your site with many resources to support many visits? and then reduce it because it was way too? or enlarge if left guy? no problem!, a VPS may at any time modify the properties of your server in minutes.

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