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Why Linux?

From Logo Linuxour point of view, Linux has become the key element for  small companies to adapt to the newest Information Technologies.

The infrastructure cost that these technologies represent has become an issue of outmost importance for small and mid size companies. Most of the available solutions regarding Server Implementation and mantaining a Network System that holds the necesary services for information and communications management imply high expenses on software licences and  hardware, making it impossible for many companies to afford it.

When the time comes to face the new techologies requirements, Linux, instead, offers many advantages over their competitors: As oppossed to the huge ammount of licence restrictions (by user, by connection, etc) that other products may require, Linux has no limits on the number of client connections, users or servers.

A Linux distribution offers every element you may need to implement a Server that covers all of your company’s  connectivity needs: File and Print Services, Data Bases, Web/mail/Fax Servers, VPNs, Firewalls, Proxies… and the list continues.

On the other hand, installing other Network Operative Systems with more restrictive policies, it is usually necessary to buy extra products or third party’s software to cover that range of applications.

For all that and many other reasons, Opengeeks Solutions has decided to focus on offering Solutions for the small businesses based on the use of this Open Source operative system.

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