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Cortafuegos / Firewall

Our Firewall Solution will enable you to monitor and control the traffic between your Internal Network and the Internet. You will be able to easily define which traffic is allowed, and which not.

CortafuegosYou will also be able to generate reports that will help you make more accurate desitions, having control over your network services that can be accessed from outside the network, be notified if any of the computers on your local network starts sending unnecesary packs and much more.

The server instalation may also include, at your request, the instalation of an IDS (Intruder Detection System), that analyzes the network traffic and compares it to each known attack pattern and taking actions according to preset configurations: sending alert messages, restarting connections, etc. That way you can anticipate the attacks and protect your network from them.

All of the configuration and administration can be done from either a Web interface or by manually editting the text files that the server is made of.

Opengeeks Firewall Solution is fully compatible with Iptables and any other available Linux Product. It does not require any extra module or software, which means that you can upgrade the Solution, set up a VPN or perform any other modification on the Firewall without any trouble.



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