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NAT / Proxy Server

Why do I need a Proxy Server?

The function of a Proxy is to store a copy of the sites most visited by your network’s stations. As the information is stored on your local network, the next time a PC wants to view the same webpage, the download will be much faster.

The Proxy sets an area of a hard drive to deposit the most frequently visited web pages, periodically checking for that page’s updates, which ensures a faster navigation for all users – According to some tests, the number of requests improved by a proxy server comes up to more than 50%.

On the other hand, using this proxy you will be able to restrinct the content your users access, and block the content you don’t want them to see. It also enables you to allow access by site, or by user or to set user and password information for each one, which enables you to control and analyze each user’s navigation.

What is NAT?

The “Network Address Translation” (NAT) is meant to provide a way of hiding the IP addresses of a private network on the Internet, but allowing at the same time the workstations on that net to access the Internet. NAT can be used in many ways, but the most frequently used by the users is the one called “Masquerading”. By using NAT masquerading, one or more devices on a LAN can show as one unique IP over the Internet.

This enables multiple computers on a network to use one single Cable modem or ADSL connection, without requiring more than one IP address from their ISP. By using this method, the IP addresses assigned by the ISP can be either static or dynamic. Using this technology on our Proxy Server, you can grant access to the Internet for all your computers by using just one Internet connection.

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