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Mail Server

Does your office have more than 10 users? Do you have an ISP with over 5000 clients? Do you wish to administrate multiple mail domains?

EmailDont worry, Opengeeks has a Solution for each type of client – Including you. Our Servers run Qmail or Postfix, the most secure Mail Servers, used by multinational companies such as Hotmail, Yahoo! mail,, Softhome, Network Solutions, and Verio.

This ensures that your mail will always be safe. We grant access from all known protocols: POP3, IMAP, Webmail – And all using SSL (Secure Transfer).

We also provide an incorporated AntiVirus.  All mail (incoming and outgoing) is checked for viruses, trojans and any possible threads by our Open-Source AntiVirus, tha updates automatically every day.

By using our anti-spam system, you can make sure that your server is only being use for the matters that you need, avoiding any kind of overloads for unwanted e-mails.

Administrate and configure multiple domains on one unique server by our smart and easy Web interface. You can easily create and administrate all your email accounts -POP3 or IMAP-, limit space for each account, create multiple mail lists, auto-responses, and much more.

Customer Support

Access our helpdesk for support. You can consult our operators 24 hours, simply enter your username and password to start using the service.

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We assist you with your project: web development, hosting, cloud server, dedicated server, etc. We have the experience to help jointly develop the best solution to your needs.

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