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WebserverOpenGeeks Solutions provides you off all the server-side technologies you need for your products/projects: such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, Java, CGI, and all with the security levels that only GNU Linux and Apache can grant you. Apache is used by more than 65% of the Web servers world-wide. We bring you the most popular Server, with a customized configuration to fit your company’s needs. Opengeeks Solutions offers Apache-based Web servers with all the server-side technology you need:

  • Latest versions of PHP4 (
  • SSI support (Server Side Includes)
  • SSL technology using mod_ssl (for secure transactions).
  • Server access by secure methods ( FTP Server with SSL or by SSH).
  • Server Configuration and Administration via Web
  • Statistics System by Site or Domain
  • Apache2.x
  • Lighttpd.
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Tomcat

Customer Support

Access our helpdesk for support. You can consult our operators 24 hours, simply enter your username and password to start using the service.

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We assist you with your project: web development, hosting, cloud server, dedicated server, etc. We have the experience to help jointly develop the best solution to your needs.

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