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Tired of paying for Windows licenses? Tired of terminal computers that freeze for no aparent reason?

Nowadays, Linux has become an excellent alternative for workstations. Using the KDE or Gnome graphic emvirornments and the applications suite OppenOffice (as a replacement for MS Office) and adding up the stability that only Linux can bring, these products have absolutely nothing to envy MS or other licenced trademarks. Linux and OpenOffice provide a valuable combination for office users, with the highest performance and stability levels. Access your e-mail from any of your current mail clients, open your Word, Excel documents using OpenOffice. Comunicate with your friends or work pals using Licq, aMSN or any of the many Linux multiple clients for ICQ, MSN, YahooIM… or just surf the Web using Mozilla or Konqueror, both excellent replacements for the Internet Explorer.

And all that using Linux and the wide variety of Open Source products available, all of excellent quality and completely compatible with Windows products.

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